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Energy Efficiency


The first requirement is to construct living spaces that resist heat loss and resist air and moisture flow through and inside walls. This is accomplished by installing tight vapor barriers and dense packed cellulose or spray foam insulation in walls, ceilings, and floors, so water vapor cannot condense in these areas. Indoor air quality is insured by making sure the house has an adequate amount of air flow and ventilation. In winter and summer, high efficiency heating and cooling systems and passive solar orientation can pay off quickly, but only when a house is properly air sealed and insulated.


We have experience and training in solving problems with poorly insulated, inefficient homes. All work generally starts with a blower door test to determine where the leaks are and ends with a blower door test to check the work and make sure the house has enough fresh air. We can help you with uncomfortable rooms, poor indoor air quality, dank crawl spaces, attic ventilation, installing energy efficient windows and doors. A high quality installation by a skilled carpenter is very important when installing windows and doors.